I Am A Proud Police Officer. – Oluwa Oscar Lam


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Popular Nigeria police serge Oluwa Oscar Lam who has never relented to write his article to the public and to change the notion of the people about the Nigeria Police force has yet again dropped another article to complement the good eggs in the police force.

He wrote:

I am a proud police officer.

A proud and Honourable profession.

I am a proud father, son and husband.

I have sworn to do a duty.

I have sworn to uphold the law, to honor, to serve and protect.

A choice I make daily, hourly, by the minute to serve and protect.

Each day I place my life on the line.

I put others safety before my own even at the detriment of my family.

I pose strength, intelligence, bravery, sincerity and integrity.

I see violence, abandonment, neglect, injustice, blood and death.

I hear thanklessness, obscenity, thoughtlessness and hatred.

I feel disrespected, unheard, underpaid, unimportant and useless.

Through all this I will not be intimidated.
I will not back down.
The lion though wounded must never let down his guard.
I will stay in the good fight and conquer any evil that rears it’s ugly face.

To all brave police officers,you are my best friends, my colleagues, my brothers, my sisters.

My respect, my concerns, my heart, my soul, my thoughts, my worries, my prayers are with you.

When you see, feel, hear and experience the blunt reality of this world, know I care.

Though we have our own faults as humans but they are people like me who will always honor you.

I will be there for you when you need me… Just as you are there when I need you.

I stand behind you so proud and true.

We are members of the elite few.
We are soldiers of the law.
We are police officers.
We will stand for justice and equality for all.



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